PS4’s Action-Adventure Game:  Marvel’s Spider-Man



Marvel’s Spider-Man is currently on its release date for the PS4 console.  The said PS4 title made by Insomniac Games and produced by Sony is flying off the shelves with unbelievable pace. It is one of the hottest games in the current PS4 gaming market. Due to public demand, we made an article that will enlighten readers who want to know the latest about PS4’s Spider-Man.




The Story Line

The game revolves around the life of Peter Parker and his alter-ego Spider-Man while he fights crime in New York City. Yuri Watanabe of NYPD Our protagonist is currently a graduating 23 yrs old and an intern at a science laboratory owned by Dr. Otto Octavius as an assistant for artificial limb research.

The action starts when Yuri Watanabe of NYPD with the help of Spider-Man gathers the evidence to arrest Wilson Fisk. Peter finds Mary Jane Watson and a group of gunmen when he investigates the possibility of an auction house break-in at Fisk’s art collection. Peter and Mary Jane started to work together despite their recent breakup due to a file that holds details regarding Devil’s Breath and the origins of a group called Demons.

Mayor Norman Osborn makes his move to shut down the lab of Dr. Otto Octavius and seizes the fruit of the Dr’s research. As a result, the enraged Octavius starts to make a large bionic tentacle-like arm’s which are controllable by neural implants and attacks Ryker’s Island to free devious prisoners such as Electro, Mister Negative, Rhino, Scorpion, and the Vulture. The rest of the story is for PS4 players to see for themselves.


Pre-Order Bonuses

There are a lot of in-game goodies to get when players have pre-ordered PS4’s Spider-Man. It includes bonuses in the game set which makes it more interesting.

  • Three Costumes for Spider-Man – It gives the players additional skins for Peter’s crime-fighting suit with different abilities. The costumes include the Iron Spider, Spider Punk, and the new Velocity Spider Suit.
  • Additional Skill Points – Unlock those powerful abilities in-game ahead of time for a smoother start.
  • PSN Avatar of Spider-Man – It gives players with a white spider icon as a PSN avatar for players who have pre-ordered.
  • Spider Drone – Unlock this useful gadget which can distract enemies and shoot webs.
  • PS4 Custom Theme – The game includes a Spider-Man theme for your PS4 which is drawn by Adi Granov a legendary comic book artist.





Pre-ordered buyers of the PS4’s Spider-Man 2018will get all the pre-order bonuses despite the type of edition they buy. However, each bundle holds different giveaways, which may pique the interest of gamers.

  • Standard Edition – This is the basic edition which comes with the game without any freebies (unless it is pre-ordered).
  • Digital Deluxe Edition – This edition comes with the game, the pre-order bonus, and freebies both physical and digital. A game DLC (Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City that Never Sleeps) will be available to the players by 2019 containing the post-launch story chapters with additional missions and characters. It includes a unique pin upon pre-ordering before the date of September 7, 2018.
  • Collector’s Edition – It contains all the freebies from Digital Deluxe Edition with the addition of the Custom Steel Book, White Spider sticker, a Mini-Art book (includes unreleased artwork and early concepts), and the DLC of Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City that Never Sleeps.


What To Expect

The in-game images were both smooth and soft which gives it pre-rendered CGI visuals. The city also looks detailed and defined. The USgamer, Eurogamer, IGN, and Gamespot gave favorable reviews regarding the game which is quite surprising for a newly released game. There are also a few negative feedbacks regarding the lack of innovation as an open world game. However, these negative feedbacks are overwhelmed by positive critics of the game (read further here).

Personally speaking, it is a great game to have. It is excellent considering graphics, story, and gameplay wise. But it’s much better to get the game so you can judge it for yourself.