Ragnarok Online Goes Mobile With M Eternal

Fans of Ragnarok Online all over the world are rejoicing. GRAVITY recently launches Ragnarok M Eternal Love which is the mobile adaptation of one of the first MMORPG’s in history, and the classic hit called Ragnarok Online. It is currently available for Android and IOS in Southeast Asia and downloadable on Google Play Store.

Source: annaamad11/23/2018

Public’s Verdict

Everybody has high hopes regarding Ragnarok M Eternal due to the success its predecessor has achieved. As of now, it has garnered many positive reviews from players for its simple yet beautiful graphics, as well as good replayability. It also inherited the open world system of its predecessor with the addition of modern upgrades while keeping the artwork which fans have loved for the last decade. However, there are some complaints in regards to the game’s high phone requirements on specs and the massive 5GB phone storage it needs for unpacking.

Data Consumption

Players don’t need to be afraid of using mobile data if wifi is not available. The game will only consume as much as 12 to 15MB of mobile data per hour while going through quests, grinding, and traveling around different areas. Heavy players should expect 150MB for 12 hours of severe playing and a whopping 250MB if they choose to auto grind characters while sleeping. It’s possible without connecting to a wifi packet.

Source: annaamad11/23/2018


M Eternal is currently only available in Southeast Asia. If you can’t find it in Google Play, then it is not yet available in your country. Also, your phone can be a problem too, especially if it is not compatible to run the game. All you can do is be patient and wait until it is available in your area while making sure that your phone can handle running the game’s requirements.


It is debatably one of the best looking RO (Ragnarok Online) adaptation released. The skill effects are excellent and smooth. It is safe to say that Ragnarok M Eternal is the remake of its predecessor with better colors and higher pixels with the same map. The user interface is also well made and placed for the player’s convenience. It also shows the monsters and NPC in a map which is highly helpful for every player. However, it may get a bit lag if you get the attention of many monster mobs. It is also a bit hard to play on smartphones with small screens.

Source: annaamad11/23/2018

The Audio

RO has a lot of great soundtracks back then. It is not overstating if we say that its soundtracks are one of the main reasons it was warmly welcomed by players worldwide. They re-used the old tracts of the first game while adding new changes which were fresh yet still retaining the originals former charm. There is also an NPC which you can play all the original soundtracks with lyrics which is very lovely.

This mobile game is a must play. It brings back good nostalgic days while giving an excellent fresh gaming feel. It is also free to play on android an IOS. Overall we can give it a strong 8.5 out of 10, and highly recommend it to everyone.