The Impact Of Streaming On Video Games

With the technology available today, entertainment has crossed into an entirely different segment: video game streaming. Console giants Sony (Playstation), Microsoft (Xbox), and Nintendo (Switch) have dedicated themselves to the expansive growth of this segment, and there is no end in sight. Even social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch have joined the pack.


Although video game streaming is not entirely new, the bigger fish have now entered the arena to shake up the industry as we know it. Video games these days have provided settings to cater to gamers that conduct streaming, life, or otherwise. This development prompted Microsoft and Google to enter into video game streaming services. Find out below how video game streaming has disrupted the market.

Bigger Audience And A New Community

Traditional video streaming platforms such as YouTube have provided their viewers with near-unlimited content, from wacky videos to informative content. Gaming, on its own, has a relatively small community that barely saw the light of day in terms of fans, casual and dedicated alike. However, with the rise of streaming and content creation revolving around video games, viewership has soared through the roof, and the audience has grown immensely. Lin Anderson, LMHC, MA, EdM used to say, “Gaming is also addictive from a social standpoint. Much of today‚Äôs gaming takes place online allowing players from all over the world to connect and spend time with each other. Unfortunately, this easy access to technology is also incredibly addictive.”

Thus, a new community has developed, one that is dedicated purely to watching video game streams live on Twitch or YouTube. Some say they watch to learn techniques and strategies, others to enjoy the commentary. Regardless of the reason, a new community is born, and it is here to stay.

Career Potential

At 27, Ninja (aka Tyler Blevins) became the first professional video gamer to be on the cover of ESPN magazine, a feat that was unheard of in recent years. He has amassed millions of subscribers across YouTube and Twitch. He also earns upwards of half a million dollars every month.

The fame and the fortune that Ninja has met is primarily due to his expertise in gaming and the quality of his content. He is living proof that hard work and dedication to your craft, regardless of what others may say, will pay off.

Very recently, Bugha (aka Kyle Giersdorf), 16, became the first-ever Fortnite world cup champion. He bested 40 million players and earned $3 million, changing his life forever. His mother stated that gaming was his lifetime passion, beginning to play at only three years of age. With the money he has won, he can live life comfortably and has earned himself a spot in the gaming community as a whole.


Influencing Consumer Choice And Visibility Of Old And New Video Games

Not all streams are the same. Some streams are just for entertainment; some, for the sake of information. Some may be to introduce new video games to a bigger audience, while some maybe for the nostalgia of playing a classic video game. Similar to advertisements, streaming is also a promotion of video games. “The games are an interactive, nonpreachy way to explain to young people why they must take oral chemotherapy for years, despite unpleasant side effects.” Pam Kato, EdM, PhD said.

If you are on the fence about buying the latest video game by Hideo Kojima, then reviews and actual gameplay footage are your friends. If you want to re-ignite your passion in a long-unplayed classic by Sega, then start up a stream and develop a community around it. If you wish to see fellow gamers play the games you play, then the videos are there, uploaded, or live as you read this.

Video game streaming has a tremendous impact on the gaming and entertainment industries. Everything has been positive by far, and with the growth and development of technology, this type of streaming would have nowhere to go but forward and upward. As explained by Cognitive psychologist Dr Steve Most, “This suggests a link between violent video game exposure and a person’s perception, that is, how they process information.”

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