Video Games For A Solid Team-Building Activity


When people hear the word “video game,” what comes typically into mind is one person, typically a teenager, playing alone inside his or her room. Negative misconceptions about video games and their detrimental effects on child development usually follow.

However, recent studies conducted by Brigham Young University revealed that newly-formed teams experience a noticeable boost in productivity (up to 20%) after playing video games together for about 45 minutes. This study has opened the door to more engaging in team-building activities that can effectively make employees happy and satisfied in the workplace. 

Team-building is an essential activity to bolster productivity within a team. When it comes to playing video games for team building, there are numerous multiplayer video games available in the market. Making a choice can be quite daunting, so if adding video games to your team building plans is new to you, start with relatively easy ones.

Video Games For Team Building: What To Play

If you want to go a little old school, Block Party from Gigantic Mechanic is the game for you. Block Party resembles the game Tetris a lot, but the key differences lie on who controls each falling piece of block. Rally your coworkers and bring out the projector from the conference room.


Combine the piece you’re controlling with another controlled by a teammate on the other side of the room. Block Party’s simplicity can be misleading. To win in this game, you must communicate clearly with all the other players. Aside from communication, you also exercise strategic thinking in this game, specifically strategic thinking as a team.  

For teams composed of players who are more familiar with video games, Fortnite might be an excellent choice. Fortnite is a multiplayer game where the players go into battle as a team. It simulates a “survival of the fittest” scenario where the winner is the team of the last player or players left standing. 

Cooperation within a team setting is one of the values that Fortnite highlights, which makes it an excellent team-building activity. Inside a team, every player has to supply information and support to their teammates to defeat the opponent. Because of the short game runs, there is less risk of forgetting responsibilities and deadlines. 

Benefits Of Video Games To Team Dynamics

Misconceptions about video games have long stopped parents, even employers, from giving the games a shot. But there is available literature indicating that video games can be quite beneficial. Research has proven that playing video games in a team setting increases cohesion within the team. Communication needed to play team video games is a good simulation of interaction that is beneficial for the workplace. Better communication also means more productive workers, studies show.


Companies should also consider video games for team building because of the massive budget savings they afford. An Xbox is relatively cheaper than a short weekend getaway filled with trust exercises and other team-building activities. Also, it is more exciting and will probably last in the long run. You can also consider it as an investment for a company’s human resources.

These days, the corporate landscape is shifting as more millennials, and younger generations join the workforce. Their presence has signaled numerous changes in how companies handle their employee affairs. Video games are enjoyed by virtually everyone, regardless of age, gender, and profession. Because of this, playing video games might be a genuinely viable option when it comes to team-building activities.

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