Stress Relief For Gamers: A New World Of Final Fantasy Is Coming Out


Good news for Final Fantasy fans and lovers out there. The World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA is coming to multiple consoles and PCs. The release date of the game will be on November 2018 for consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, and the Xbox One. It is going to be the game’s first time release on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Gaming Benefits

To be honest, it is good news that “Final Fantasy MAXIMA” is coming to Xbox and Nintendo because these consoles rarely get FF titles. It is a stress relief for fans of these two gaming consoles as they will have the chance to explore a world filled with monsters, creatures, and heroes of the whole Final Fantasy franchise. Meanwhile, PS4 and PC players who already bought the first game “World of Final Fantasy” will have the choice to purchase and add the content of the new game MAXIMA for 2,400 yen. Sadly, there is no announcement for the price of the downloadable content for the western release.

Story Line

Players will get to play as the twins Reyn and Lann who embarks on a journey all over Grymoire to recover their lost memories. Grymoire is a chibi world where everyone looks like an action figure (big-headed characters with little bodies). The twin’s only clue to their identity is their unique tattoo on their arm which helps them in taming a monster so it can battle for them in the FF world. As the players wander around the world of Grimoire, they will find famous places, characters, and villains from the Final Fantasy series while unwrapping a very dark plot at the move.


The Gameplay

For players who haven’t played “World of Final Fantasy” (the original game before MAXIMA), it is a game with a mixed concept from the Final Fantasy franchise and Pokémon as well. Gamers will have to capture different monsters and creatures which they call “mirages” with the use of a prism. The captured monsters will then fight battles while being commanded by the players. Players can acquire famous monsters such as Chocobos, Moogles, Cactuars, Malboro and other beasts coming from the FF series. Surely, Pokémon lovers will love the monster collecting system of MAXIMA. There’s an estimate that it would take an extended amount of time before players can complete their collection of monsters due to the enormity of Final Fantasy lore. Therefore it is concluded to add a lot of gaming hours and replayability.

A new feature added to World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA is the avatar system. It allows gamers to change their avatars to a classic character from Final Fantasy. The released news states that characters such as Cloud, Yuna, Lightning, and Noctis are available upon the initial release of the game. Unfortunately, the news for other characters is not yet clear as of the moment. And for additional updates, there is no news of the game coming to PlayStation Vita (quite sad for Vita owners). They may end up stuck with the original release with no upgrades toward MAXIMA.


Visuals And Sound

The character designs of World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA are simple and cute. It creates a different ambiance for players who want to experience the soft side of FF MAXIMA. The visual world is beautifully constructed, and the music is excellent with a touch of classic FF tracks from former series. It will feel like the previous versions of the game franchise except for its new adventures, additional characters, and new sets of gameplay.

There you have it. We hope that the information we gathered is enough to fill the curiosity of fans who want to know more about the game. Be updated and check for possible upcoming games for the next few months.