Video Game Therapy To Help Teens Beat Depression



Generally, playing video games has been considered as something that causes more harm than good. However, newer studies have shown that a few video games, one of which is a fantasy game, has been helping depressed teens get better and can be used as a therapy tool for kids, adolescents, and adults alike (read further here: Unfortunately, there are very view teens that are getting treatment for their depression not only because they do lack finances but also because they are hesitant to visit a therapist.

In New Zealand, they resolved this problem by developing SPARX, an interactive video game that provides cognitive behavioral therapy in a way that it is fun, interesting, and mind-boggling. SPARX means Smart, Positive, Active, Realistic, and having the X-factor ideas that are created to help reduce depression. The game is begun with the player creating an avatar that is tasked to restore virtual world balance by extinguishing the dark, negative thoughts. The depressed teen does this with the help of cognitive behavioral therapy as he is taught that negative thought patterns are damaging to the person and the balance of the world.

Slowly, as the depressed user/patient becomes enlightened and eventually shuns from negative statements like “I’m such a loser’ or “Nobody loves me,” the cycle of pain, depression, and mental illness are reduced or better yet stopped.

Details On The Fantasy Game

As mentioned before, the game’s purpose is to abolish the negative ‘characters,’ the negative thoughts that are circling the virtual world. The user goes through seven fantasy levels, beginning at the Cave Province, where the user is taught about the basic things he needs to know about depression and healing. The Ice Province, the second level, is filled with action at the same time teaches the user some relaxation strategies. The user then moves on to the Volcano Province where the user is provided with guidelines on what to do to control extreme emotions like anger. The subsequent provinces – Mountain, Swamp, and Bridgeland – focus on encouraging the user to find ways to resolve the particular problems and eliminating the thoughts that are not beneficial.

In a study done recently, over 40% of the patients who played SPARX were completely cured of their depression, while nearly 30% showed minor positive outcomes with regular treatment. It is vital to note that about 81% of the video game users said they would recommend it to their friends and 96% recommends it to others.


No matter how unclear the outcomes may be, it is a fact that video gaming therapy has been a convenient, cheaper, and effective way to battle depression, especially among kids and teens. You can find here suggested video games and some recommended ps4 games for kids.

As mentioned in, another strategy that this technology has developed is the computerized CBT. This was found to be effective for in-person therapy for depression and anxiety disorders. The British National Health Service utilizes CBT to create evidence-based therapies for depression and anxiety.

Some research still suggests that traditional face-to-face therapy is relevant due to the strong relationships that are developed between therapists and patients. However, the success of digital interventions cannot be denied. It is clear that having solid relationships is crucial to maintaining good mental health, although these computerized type of therapies are not sufficient to cure depression unless these therapies are not geared towards helping the patients and supporting the therapy. Current research and studies also prove that more teens are getting their hands on this onscreen treatment as it relieves them of their depression without the anxiety and resistance when they are asked to visit a therapist.

What Others Play For Depression

Life Is Strange. The user needs to make choices that can affect the future. Whatever choices you make have its consequences. The depressed user feels motivated. Thus he needs to feel less depressed, to be able to choose wisely appropriately. This game helps users realize that a problem only consumes you if you let it.

The Legend Of Zelda – Breath Of The Wild. Many depressed teens that have played this game say that escaping into a beautiful and complicated virtual world calms them. The visuals and music are truly relaxing. In Breath of Wild, gruesome evil characters invade the world, and the user needs to eradicate these characters. As he successfully does this, he feels that although he has his evils, there is always hope for him to heal and come out of that dark hole.


Mine Craft. This game remains to be popular ever since it came out a few years ago. Even those who are depressed have benefited from it. Users report being relaxed when they can create something relevant. There’s also not too much action, so most users think it doesn’t cause them more stress.




Ragnarok Online Goes Mobile With M Eternal

Fans of Ragnarok Online all over the world are rejoicing. GRAVITY recently launches Ragnarok M Eternal Love which is the mobile adaptation of one of the first MMORPG’s in history, and the classic hit called Ragnarok Online. It is currently available for Android and IOS in Southeast Asia and downloadable on Google Play Store.

Source: annaamad11/23/2018

Public’s Verdict

Everybody has high hopes regarding Ragnarok M Eternal due to the success its predecessor has achieved. As of now, it has garnered many positive reviews from players for its simple yet beautiful graphics, as well as good replayability. It also inherited the open world system of its predecessor with the addition of modern upgrades while keeping the artwork which fans have loved for the last decade. However, there are some complaints in regards to the game’s high phone requirements on specs and the massive 5GB phone storage it needs for unpacking.

Data Consumption

Players don’t need to be afraid of using mobile data if wifi is not available. The game will only consume as much as 12 to 15MB of mobile data per hour while going through quests, grinding, and traveling around different areas. Heavy players should expect 150MB for 12 hours of severe playing and a whopping 250MB if they choose to auto grind characters while sleeping. It’s possible without connecting to a wifi packet.

Source: annaamad11/23/2018


M Eternal is currently only available in Southeast Asia. If you can’t find it in Google Play, then it is not yet available in your country. Also, your phone can be a problem too, especially if it is not compatible to run the game. All you can do is be patient and wait until it is available in your area while making sure that your phone can handle running the game’s requirements.


It is debatably one of the best looking RO (Ragnarok Online) adaptation released. The skill effects are excellent and smooth. It is safe to say that Ragnarok M Eternal is the remake of its predecessor with better colors and higher pixels with the same map. The user interface is also well made and placed for the player’s convenience. It also shows the monsters and NPC in a map which is highly helpful for every player. However, it may get a bit lag if you get the attention of many monster mobs. It is also a bit hard to play on smartphones with small screens.

Source: annaamad11/23/2018

The Audio

RO has a lot of great soundtracks back then. It is not overstating if we say that its soundtracks are one of the main reasons it was warmly welcomed by players worldwide. They re-used the old tracts of the first game while adding new changes which were fresh yet still retaining the originals former charm. There is also an NPC which you can play all the original soundtracks with lyrics which is very lovely.

This mobile game is a must play. It brings back good nostalgic days while giving an excellent fresh gaming feel. It is also free to play on android an IOS. Overall we can give it a strong 8.5 out of 10, and highly recommend it to everyone.

Stress Relief For Gamers: A New World Of Final Fantasy Is Coming Out


Good news for Final Fantasy fans and lovers out there. The World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA is coming to multiple consoles and PCs. The release date of the game will be on November 2018 for consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, and the Xbox One. It is going to be the game’s first time release on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Gaming Benefits

To be honest, it is good news that “Final Fantasy MAXIMA” is coming to Xbox and Nintendo because these consoles rarely get FF titles. It is a stress relief for fans of these two gaming consoles as they will have the chance to explore a world filled with monsters, creatures, and heroes of the whole Final Fantasy franchise. Meanwhile, PS4 and PC players who already bought the first game “World of Final Fantasy” will have the choice to purchase and add the content of the new game MAXIMA for 2,400 yen. Sadly, there is no announcement for the price of the downloadable content for the western release.

Story Line

Players will get to play as the twins Reyn and Lann who embarks on a journey all over Grymoire to recover their lost memories. Grymoire is a chibi world where everyone looks like an action figure (big-headed characters with little bodies). The twin’s only clue to their identity is their unique tattoo on their arm which helps them in taming a monster so it can battle for them in the FF world. As the players wander around the world of Grimoire, they will find famous places, characters, and villains from the Final Fantasy series while unwrapping a very dark plot at the move.


The Gameplay

For players who haven’t played “World of Final Fantasy” (the original game before MAXIMA), it is a game with a mixed concept from the Final Fantasy franchise and Pokémon as well. Gamers will have to capture different monsters and creatures which they call “mirages” with the use of a prism. The captured monsters will then fight battles while being commanded by the players. Players can acquire famous monsters such as Chocobos, Moogles, Cactuars, Malboro and other beasts coming from the FF series. Surely, Pokémon lovers will love the monster collecting system of MAXIMA. There’s an estimate that it would take an extended amount of time before players can complete their collection of monsters due to the enormity of Final Fantasy lore. Therefore it is concluded to add a lot of gaming hours and replayability.

A new feature added to World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA is the avatar system. It allows gamers to change their avatars to a classic character from Final Fantasy. The released news states that characters such as Cloud, Yuna, Lightning, and Noctis are available upon the initial release of the game. Unfortunately, the news for other characters is not yet clear as of the moment. And for additional updates, there is no news of the game coming to PlayStation Vita (quite sad for Vita owners). They may end up stuck with the original release with no upgrades toward MAXIMA.


Visuals And Sound

The character designs of World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA are simple and cute. It creates a different ambiance for players who want to experience the soft side of FF MAXIMA. The visual world is beautifully constructed, and the music is excellent with a touch of classic FF tracks from former series. It will feel like the previous versions of the game franchise except for its new adventures, additional characters, and new sets of gameplay.

There you have it. We hope that the information we gathered is enough to fill the curiosity of fans who want to know more about the game. Be updated and check for possible upcoming games for the next few months.


Fallout 76 Is Almost Here


Almost everyone is itching over the upcoming release of Fallout 76 by Bethesda Game Studios. It is an expected result due to the nearing beta-test version of the game which is coming this October and combined with the latest peeks of the game revealed in QuakeCon 2018. The game title will first be released on Xbox One, then PS4, and followed by PC.

Release Date

There is a big surprise for Fallout fans because Fallout 76 will be out for grabs on November 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC which is a lot earlier than what gamers are expecting. Let’s hope that there will be no cause for delays as the release date is getting nearer. Additionally, those who pre-ordered the game are also entitled to play the beta version on October and carry their progress over to the full game.


Fallout players will find it familiar with its combat system. It doesn’t have a slow-motion function during combat unlike V.A.T.S (vault-tech assisted targeting system), but players will be able to target individual body parts in this version. Players can decide on what approach they want in the game. They can do missions and go on with the story or choose to do individualistic goals such as PVP, exploration, trading, or crafting.  While exploring, players’ C.A.M.P. (construction and assembly mobile platform) will load on the last location before they log out. The game will still retain the player development through experience points. The players also earn perk cards which are in a sense the same with the perk system of the earlier games. However, they can only equip a fixed amount of cards which they can swap at any time to change their characters specs.


Power Armor Edition

This bundle of the game is a collectors dream. It comes with a wearable Brotherhood of Steel power helm with other freebies that fallout lovers will die for. It will cost players $199.99 to get this on their shelves. Here’s what it includes.

T-51 Power Armor Helmet and Carrying Bag – It’s a replica of the in-game power armor helmet. It has a voice modulator speaker, V.A.T.S sound feature, and a LED headlight.

Tricentennial Edition Steelbook – It’s a particular decorated metal case for this bundle. It is a collector’s item which commemorates the American freedom of 300 years.

Glow-in-the-Dark World Terrain Map – It is a vintage map which is fully colored and 21″x21″ in size. This glow in the dark map shows the six territories in West Virginia with luminous light for towns, wildlife, and landmarks.

Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition Bonus In-Game Items – This in-game item commemorates the gates opening for Vault 76. It will make a player unique out of all the others with its stylish design.

Fallout Figurines – These 24 pieces of figurines are designed from Fallout 76 creatures, dwellers, soldiers, and others in exquisite detail. A must-have for Fallout fans out there.


Other Editions

There are two separate editions aside from the Power Armor Edition. The first is the Standard Edition which is $59.99 which comes with the basic game. The second one is the Tricentennial Edition which includes in-game items such as the power armor and three weapons at the player’s disposal for $79.99.

These are all the necessary information we have gathered for Fallout 76.  We don’t know if there will be new contents before the release date or other surprises in the future. There are still a few months worth of waiting, so we hope that fans and players can hold on to their cash for them not to be late when the doors to Vault 76 start to open.

PS4’s Action-Adventure Game:  Marvel’s Spider-Man



Marvel’s Spider-Man is currently on its release date for the PS4 console.  The said PS4 title made by Insomniac Games and produced by Sony is flying off the shelves with unbelievable pace. It is one of the hottest games in the current PS4 gaming market. Due to public demand, we made an article that will enlighten readers who want to know the latest about PS4’s Spider-Man.




The Story Line

The game revolves around the life of Peter Parker and his alter-ego Spider-Man while he fights crime in New York City. Yuri Watanabe of NYPD Our protagonist is currently a graduating 23 yrs old and an intern at a science laboratory owned by Dr. Otto Octavius as an assistant for artificial limb research.

The action starts when Yuri Watanabe of NYPD with the help of Spider-Man gathers the evidence to arrest Wilson Fisk. Peter finds Mary Jane Watson and a group of gunmen when he investigates the possibility of an auction house break-in at Fisk’s art collection. Peter and Mary Jane started to work together despite their recent breakup due to a file that holds details regarding Devil’s Breath and the origins of a group called Demons.

Mayor Norman Osborn makes his move to shut down the lab of Dr. Otto Octavius and seizes the fruit of the Dr’s research. As a result, the enraged Octavius starts to make a large bionic tentacle-like arm’s which are controllable by neural implants and attacks Ryker’s Island to free devious prisoners such as Electro, Mister Negative, Rhino, Scorpion, and the Vulture. The rest of the story is for PS4 players to see for themselves.


Pre-Order Bonuses

There are a lot of in-game goodies to get when players have pre-ordered PS4’s Spider-Man. It includes bonuses in the game set which makes it more interesting.

  • Three Costumes for Spider-Man – It gives the players additional skins for Peter’s crime-fighting suit with different abilities. The costumes include the Iron Spider, Spider Punk, and the new Velocity Spider Suit.
  • Additional Skill Points – Unlock those powerful abilities in-game ahead of time for a smoother start.
  • PSN Avatar of Spider-Man – It gives players with a white spider icon as a PSN avatar for players who have pre-ordered.
  • Spider Drone – Unlock this useful gadget which can distract enemies and shoot webs.
  • PS4 Custom Theme – The game includes a Spider-Man theme for your PS4 which is drawn by Adi Granov a legendary comic book artist.





Pre-ordered buyers of the PS4’s Spider-Man 2018will get all the pre-order bonuses despite the type of edition they buy. However, each bundle holds different giveaways, which may pique the interest of gamers.

  • Standard Edition – This is the basic edition which comes with the game without any freebies (unless it is pre-ordered).
  • Digital Deluxe Edition – This edition comes with the game, the pre-order bonus, and freebies both physical and digital. A game DLC (Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City that Never Sleeps) will be available to the players by 2019 containing the post-launch story chapters with additional missions and characters. It includes a unique pin upon pre-ordering before the date of September 7, 2018.
  • Collector’s Edition – It contains all the freebies from Digital Deluxe Edition with the addition of the Custom Steel Book, White Spider sticker, a Mini-Art book (includes unreleased artwork and early concepts), and the DLC of Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City that Never Sleeps.


What To Expect

The in-game images were both smooth and soft which gives it pre-rendered CGI visuals. The city also looks detailed and defined. The USgamer, Eurogamer, IGN, and Gamespot gave favorable reviews regarding the game which is quite surprising for a newly released game. There are also a few negative feedbacks regarding the lack of innovation as an open world game. However, these negative feedbacks are overwhelmed by positive critics of the game (read further here).

Personally speaking, it is a great game to have. It is excellent considering graphics, story, and gameplay wise. But it’s much better to get the game so you can judge it for yourself.






Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Out Soon


The long years of waiting for the release of the game Red Dead Redemption is finally over. Since its introduction to PS3 and Xbox 360 years ago, players are now itching for the upgraded version of Red Dead Redemption game this year. The Rockstar first announced Red Dead Redemption 2 way back in 2016 which makes the gamers and fans so excited. Though its release was announced two years earlier, gamers still hope to grab a bundle this year. Many players think that it may be one of the most impressive games for 2018. Now let’s have our look at Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 and see what it has to offer the fans. Hopefully, the information will help us get through before the game’s actual release date.

Overview Of The Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure set at the old western world. The game is produced by Rockstar Games which happens to be the prequel of the first Red Dead Redemption.  It is identical with the rendering properties of GTA-V and uses RAGE engine. New leads say that there are significant upgrades in its rendering properties that will ensure players to get a satisfying in-game visual and gameplay.  Players take up the persona of Arthur Morgan in this third-person perspective game, which is a member of the Linde gang.

As we all know, the first Red Dead Redemption has a well-received vast open world for players to roam around. These areas have a diverse influence coming from the western culture. Its prairies, mountains, and towns are portraying the beauty of the old Wild West setting.

The shooting system of the game is an upgrade of what players use in the GTA games combined with the gun-slinging action from the first version of Red Dead Redemption. It ensures that players will not find it hard adjusting towards the new shooting mechanics.

A Peek Inside The Story

The Red Dead Redemption 2 will happen 12 years before the first game happens. The protagonist Arthur Morgan is the Dutch’s most trusted enforcer. The Dutch adopted him in the gang when he was just a young boy.  It is why he feels that the group is his life as a whole and is very loyal to them. Players will see the story unfold through Arthurs eyes as they flee and fight across America while the Dutch tries to maintain his control over the group.


Game Bundles and Collectibles

The game will be released in different game bundles on October 26 for the PS4 and Xbox One console. Here are some of the editions you might want to check out.

  • Special Edition – This game bundle is a collector’s edition which will include the game with special missions, additional weapons, and a physical copy of the in-game map. It will be available for $49.99.
  • Ultimate Edition – It has all the items from the special edition bundle with additional DLC items that are acquirable for $100.
  • Collectors Box – It doesn’t have any additional in-game items for players, but it has a lot of physical items inside. It contains artworks, playing cards, a coin set, a physical map of the game, and a bandit’s bandana. The Collectors Box bundle will also be available for $100 like the Ultimate Edition.

Rockstar also produces physical collectibles before the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 which is called Outlaw Essentials Collection. It contains a multitude of limited edition items coming from the game. They have great looking T-shirts and other things such as a Pendleton Blanket featuring the Linde Gang, a Glass Decoupage Tray, and a Collapsible Shot Glass.

Currently, this is all the information that we can offer everyone before the game’s release date. We expect that there won’t be any mishaps that can cause the players disappointment such as delays.


Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Is Out For PC


It is been a long wait for PC players, but now Shadow of the Tomb Raider is finally out on the stores. It is the last title for the newest trilogy regarding Lara Croft’s hazardous escapades. The game is currently available on Steam, Hubble, and Square Enix store on September 14, 2018.

What Players Can Expect

Because of the success of the last games in the Tomb Raider franchise, many are wondering how this game title will fare in comparison to other game releases for the PC. To be honest, it’s not overrated if players expect something exhilarating about this game. Tomb Raider games are still keeping gamers entertained for the last two decades, and we hope it continues that way in the future.

Crystal Dynamics has made this new Tomb Raider game with the right elements for every player’s different levels of enjoyment. Story-wise, it is darker and more profound than the late versions of Tomb Raider titles. Here we see a different Lara Croft from its previous franchise. In Shadow of The Tomb Raider, we see her drown towards the dark in contrast to previews games where she comes triumphant in every challenge. The experiences in this game have a tremendous effect on her that she starts to become cold and dark to others. The changes are visible during combat and among the people that she will meet along the storyline. The fights are fiercer for the record, and the puzzles are more challenging than previous game titles.


The Game’s Alterations

There are slight improvements to Lara’s animation, but most of them are still the same regardless of its features. For example, Lara’s wet hair when she gets out of the water, using the ax to climb, and so on. Players will notice the significant changes of difficulty options for the puzzles, combat, and exploration. However, there’s no need to worry because they can change the difficulty of each of these areas separately. Additionally, Lara can now dangle using the climbing axes, and wall-run or swing using these. There are also rocks with marks on them which can make her do almost impossible upside-down crawling while utilizing the climbing axes. This feature adds more possibilities for vertical visual exploration. The last good news for players is that Lara can now hold her breath for more prolonged periods in underwater expeditions.

Extras For The Willing

Players can gain access to additional game contents if they purchase the season pass. It is also available if players buy the “Croft” game edition. Micro-transactions are nothing new, and the Shadow of the Tomb Raider also includes it in the game. Hopefully, it won’t have too much impact in the gameplay and will not change the whole gaming experience as it will put anxiety to its players.


Running The Game

Obtaining the game is one problem but having the specs to run the game is another issue for gamers. Be sure to check your PC specs if it contains enough power to run Shadow of the Tomb Raider before buying it. PC owners can check their rigs by comparing it to the minimum and recommended specs below.


Minimum Spec Requirements

OS: 64 Bit Windows 7

Processor: Intel Core i3-3220

Ram: 8GB

GPU: GeForce GTX 1050Ti

DirectX 11


Recommended PC Specs

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

Processor: Intel Core i7-4770k or its equivalent in AMD Ryzen

Ram: 16GB

GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6Ggb or Radeon RX 480 8gb

DirectX 12


Shadow of The Tomb Raider is a great game. It will bring as much as 20 to 30 hours worth of game time for players. The action and the drama are also noteworthy. We recommend that players who are not fans of the Tomb Raider franchise try it out so they can experience fun and adventure.

Upcoming Games On Xbox One This October 2018


Let’s say goodbye to sweet summer days and say hello to the colder weather this coming autumn. It may sound bad news for outdoor people, but it is an excellent time for Xbox One gamers out there. The coming mid-September to October has loads of games to entertain players during the season. The list of games is long enough for players to forget the weather outside and enjoy their stay at home.

The List Of Upcoming Games

Players can leave the stress and anxiety behind as they wonder at the great games they are going to expect this month of September to October. The heavy hitters in the list consist of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and the much awaited Red Dead Redemption 2. However, these titles are just icing on the cake compared to what the upcoming two months have in store for Xbox One owners.


  • NBA 2k19 – NBA games don’t change much year after year, but it continues to entertain everyone with its simplistic gameplay. It’s the kind of entertainment which actively simulates what we see during a real NBA match. NBA 2k19 will be out for Xbox One on September 11, 2018, with Lebron James for L.A Lakers as the cover.
  • Shadow Of The Tomb Raider– It is the third game from the reboot of its franchise. Xbox One players will see a darker and more violent Lara Croft as she tries to stop the upcoming Mayan apocalypse. Tomb Raider games have entertained countless players across the globe, and we can expect that it will continue to be that way after seeing the trailers for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The game will come out of the stores on September 14.


  • Assassins Creed Odyssey– The assassins are now moving towards Ancient Greece after completing their missions in Ancient Egypt on the previous game. Assassins Creed Odyssey has two new protagonists to choose from. The game managed to incorporate a male and female character to give players option in choosing their gender. In this installment of the game, the player is a descendant of a renowned Spartan hero who tries to complete a journey in the past to make things right for the future. Assassins Creed Odyssey will be available in stores on October 5, 2018.


  • Call Of Duty Black Ops 4Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is more of a specialized multiplayer game compared to the previous titles from Call of Duty. There will be no campaign mode for this Call of Duty franchise. However, aside from the Deathmatch and the Zombie mode, it will have another game mode called “Blackout” It is used to compensate for the loss of the latter. Blackout mode is like a Fortnite’ish battle-royale game mode for online multiplayer gaming. It will be out for Xbox One on October 12.


  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – Gamers are waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 for years after the release of the first game way back in 2010 for the Xbox and PlayStation 3. It is a third person interactive shooter, much like Grand Theft Auto, but with a deep story. Players can explore the open world for missions and side quests while meeting other characters in the game. Gamers are expecting it to become one of the most spectacular game titles of 2018, or if not, it will surely take the top spot. Mark October 26 on the calendar as stores release Red Dead Redemption 2 for $59.99.

There you have it, Xbox One owners. The games above will undoubtedly become good additions to your collection of games. It will keep you satisfied for a good extent until big title release comes in November and December.