Fallout 76 Is Almost Here

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Almost everyone is itching over the upcoming release of Fallout 76 by Bethesda Game Studios. It is an expected result due to the nearing beta-test version of the game which is coming this October and combined with the latest peeks of the game revealed in QuakeCon 2018. The game title will first be released on Xbox One, then PS4, and followed by PC.

Release Date

There is a big surprise for Fallout fans because Fallout 76 will be out for grabs on November 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC which is a lot earlier than what gamers are expecting. Let’s hope that there will be no cause for delays as the release date is getting nearer. Additionally, those who pre-ordered the game are also entitled to play the beta version on October and carry their progress over to the full game.


Fallout players will find it familiar with its combat system. It doesn’t have a slow-motion function during combat unlike V.A.T.S (vault-tech assisted targeting system), but players will be able to target individual body parts in this version. Players can decide on what approach they want in the game. They can do missions and go on with the story or choose to do individualistic goals such as PVP, exploration, trading, or crafting.  While exploring, players’ C.A.M.P. (construction and assembly mobile platform) will load on the last location before they log out. The game will still retain the player development through experience points. The players also earn perk cards which are in a sense the same with the perk system of the earlier games. However, they can only equip a fixed amount of cards which they can swap at any time to change their characters specs.

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Power Armor Edition

This bundle of the game is a collectors dream. It comes with a wearable Brotherhood of Steel power helm with other freebies that fallout lovers will die for. It will cost players $199.99 to get this on their shelves. Here’s what it includes.

T-51 Power Armor Helmet and Carrying Bag – It’s a replica of the in-game power armor helmet. It has a voice modulator speaker, V.A.T.S sound feature, and a LED headlight.

Tricentennial Edition Steelbook – It’s a particular decorated metal case for this bundle. It is a collector’s item which commemorates the American freedom of 300 years.

Glow-in-the-Dark World Terrain Map – It is a vintage map which is fully colored and 21″x21″ in size. This glow in the dark map shows the six territories in West Virginia with luminous light for towns, wildlife, and landmarks.

Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition Bonus In-Game Items – This in-game item commemorates the gates opening for Vault 76. It will make a player unique out of all the others with its stylish design.

Fallout Figurines – These 24 pieces of figurines are designed from Fallout 76 creatures, dwellers, soldiers, and others in exquisite detail. A must-have for Fallout fans out there.

Source: flickr.com

Other Editions

There are two separate editions aside from the Power Armor Edition. The first is the Standard Edition which is $59.99 which comes with the basic game. The second one is the Tricentennial Edition which includes in-game items such as the power armor and three weapons at the player’s disposal for $79.99.

These are all the necessary information we have gathered for Fallout 76.  We don’t know if there will be new contents before the release date or other surprises in the future. There are still a few months worth of waiting, so we hope that fans and players can hold on to their cash for them not to be late when the doors to Vault 76 start to open.